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1. I am a new customer, how do I start service?
2. What are the residential monthly rates?
3. What day is my trash and recycling collected?
4. How often will my trash and recycling be picked up at my curb?
5. Where should I put my cart for service?
6. How do I get rid of items that will not fit in the garbage cart?
7. How can I get an additional garbage or recycling cart?
8. How do I get rid of chemicals like household cleaners, paint, or pesticides?
9. Where can I find the local recycling drop-off location?
10. How do I report that my garbage or recycling was not picked up?
11. What if the cart is too big for me to roll to the curb?
12. What is the cost for a smaller cart?
13. What if I am physically unable to roll out my cart?
14. How do I know which cart belongs to me?
15. Can I place plastic caps from plastic drinks bottles in the recycling cart?