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NBPD Extra Patrol/Vacation Patrol Online Request Form

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  2. Extra Patrol & Vacation Patrol Request Form
  3. Name and Contact Information for Person Making Request:
  4. This request is for a:*
  5. Reason for Request:*
  6. Please indicate the start date/time as well as the end date/time you are requesting for Extra Patrol.
  7. Please indicate the address you are requesting Extra Patrol:
  9. Is there an alarm system for this property?*
  10. Will there be lights on in/around the property? *
  11. Please tell us about any vehicles that will be left on the property:
    Please provide us with contact information for those you wish NBPD to contact should there be an emergency at this location.
  13. Is Emergency Contact #1 a key holder for this property?*
  14. Is Emergency Contact #2 a key holder for this property?
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