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Application to Participate on the Comprehensive Plan - Plan Element Advisory Groups

  1. The following Plan Element Advisory Groups will participate directly in the crafting and review of drafts of the different elements or chapters of the Comprehensive Plan. Please indicate, in order of preference, on which groups you would like to participate.
    You may participate on as many advisory groups as you wish. Please note that groups will meet numerous times and some may meet on the same days/nights. You do not need to live inside the city limits to participate.
  2. This group will consult on topics related to population, demographics, land use patterns to accommodate growth and encourage reinvestment and walk-able mixed use neighborhoods, housing, annexation and ETJ policies.
  3. This group will assist with goals and policies to achieve the citizens' vision for New Braunfels' urban form, the built environment and its impact on public health, architectural design and historic preservation. They will address this through the lens of the community's unique history ensuring its rich and diverse cultural heritage is preserved.
  4. This group will provide input related to the preservation of natural resources, improving the health and wellness of the community and providing balanced access to public parks and programs. This group will also serve as the key group consulting on the concurrent Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan update.
  5. This group will lend their expertise to the creation or update of goals and policies to establish a coordinated approach to economic development to ensure the community is well positioned to attract workers and businesses, and to retain and sustain existing businesses.
  6. This group will focus on goals and policies to capitalize on the positive impacts of tourism on the community including the economy and the unique sense of place it engenders; as well as goals and policies that address tourism's impacts on infrastructure, public safety and the environment.
  7. This group will advise on appropriate goals, policies and objectives as they relate to the vision of the city's transportation network, the transportation/land use relationship, and how it connects and interacts with the region; all modes will be addressed from walking to air travel.
  8. This group will focus on addressing land use compatibility with environmentally sensitive areas and features, conservation of natural resources, storm water conveyance including Low Impact Development (LID), and utility infrastructure.
  9. This group will consult on the needs of the city's youth, from education and health to social activities and childcare. Education input will guide goals and policies for school locations, preparing youth to become responsible citizens, and identifying technical vocational training and higher education needs, as well as the educational and social needs of all generations in the community.
  10. This group will advise on the provision and location of public facilities and services including police, fire, emergency services, libraries, government buildings, community service centers for all generations, and sustainable solid waste and recycling goals.
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