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Public Information Request

  1. City of New Braunfels, Texas, Public Request for Inspection/Copy of Information
    Open Records Request # ______________ [FOR OFFICE USE ONLY]
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Please select the manner in which you wish to view the requested information.*
    (A link to the authorized rates can be found on the previous page under Schedule of Charges for Public Information.)
  4. Consent to Redaction of Certain Personal Information.
    (Withholding consent may delay processing of this request while the City seeks an Attorney General's Opinion on its ability to release this information.)
  5. Disposition of Request for Public Records
  7. Date Received:__________________
  8. Routed to:_____________________
  9. Return to City Secretary's Office by:________
  10. Date of final action:_____________
  11. Action taken:______________________________________________________________
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