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Faust Street Bridge

Max Occupancy 50

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  1. Benches

The Faust Street Bridge overlooking the Guadalupe River is available for rental for weddings and other special events. 
Fees per 2 hour time block: Resident $75.00, Non-Resident $172.50 
*Please note: The Faust Street Bridge must remain open to the public during rentals.

To make a reservation please call 830-221-4350.
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  • Benches
  • Parking
  • Scenic Views Crossing the Guadalupe River
  • Historical Markers
  • 640 feet long

Ownership and History:

1887—Bridge was built by King Iron Bridge Co. of Cleveland, Ohio.  The total cost of the bridge was $33,269.

                       —The bridge crosses the Guadalupe River.  Driving livestock across 

                           bridge was prohibited; however, it carried horse-drawn carriages and 

                           wagon traffic going from Austin to San Antonio.

                       —The bridge was the first major toll-free bridge in the state.  This was a 

                           demonstration to the county’s prosperity and civic-mindedness. 

1917—Bridge was designated as State Highway 2 for vehicle traffic.  It was two-way but 

                           only wide enough for one car, so cars had to wait for each other to get 


1934—Highway department completed a new concrete highway bridge so Faust St. 

                           Bridge was used just by local traffic.

1947—a pedestrian walkway was added.

1978—the bridge was closed by the city.  Vandals set fire to the center which caused the bridge to lose some of its strength.  It was unsafe for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

October 28, 1993—a statewide transportation enhancement program, based on the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991, wanted to help restore historical structures.  Efforts began to restore the bridge.  The state paid 80% and the county paid $90,000 for the repairs.

October 1998—the bridge was re-opened.  It took 9 months and $450,000 to repair the 640 foot long bridge.  There is now parking at the South entrance and it used for pedestrian traffic only.

                       —this bridge is considered an engineering accomplishment for its time.  It is called a multiple span Whipple truss roadway bridge and there are only six remaining in the country.  Out of those six, Faust St. Bridge is the only one remaining in its original location.