How do I access the City's map and imagery services?
Anyone with ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop software can use the internet to access the City's map and imagery services for inclusion in their ArcMap documents. You do not need to have a copy of the imagery on your own harddrive.

To access our imagery and other map services:
1. Open ArcCatalog
2. Click on GIS Servers > Add ArcGIS Server
3. Select “Use GIS Services” and click Next
4. Enter the URL “” and click finish. This will create a connection called “arcgis on”.
5. Open the connection and open either the Maps or Imagery folder
6. Select the desired service and add to your ArcMap document.

CAD users will need to use the ArcGIS for AutoCAD software plug-in developed by Esri and use the same URL to similarly configure it based on their particular system.

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