Can I download imagery?
The City of New Braunfels does not store imagery data in a format readily available for downloading. Instead, we are focused on using the latest GIS server software to publish imagery services for the public to consume on-demand into their own GIS map documents.

ArcGIS Desktop users can extract an imagery tile approximately one-mile square by accessing the City's imagery services (see FAQ topic), adding the desired service into their map document, and then following these simple steps:
1. Select the imagery service from the ArcMap table of contents.
2. Right click on the imagery layer and select Data > Export Data...
3. Select the Data Frame radio button in the Extent section
4. Note the output location on your local harddrive
5. Select your desired image format, compression type, and compression quality
6. Click Save.

This will create a copy of the image extent on your local computer. The highest resolution imagery is limited to a one-mile tile for performance reasons.

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