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Posted on: June 16, 2022

Updates Related to Engineering Standards and Development

Purpose: To provide updates related to Engineering Standards and Development.

1. Curb Ramp Standards. The curb ramp standards have been updated to include ramp placement and new detectable warning surface details. Detectable warning pavers are no longer permitted without the approval by the Public WorksDepartment due to ongoing construction and maintenance issues. The updated standard is located at htt p:/ /nbt 281/ Details-St andards We will continue to use this standard in conjunction with City of San Antonio's Wheelchair Ramp Standards.

2. Drainage and Erosion Control Manual. Updates were approved by city council on August 28, 2017 to Section 2, Drainage Policy and Criteria in the Drainage and Erosion Cont ro l Manual (DCM) to implement best practices andaddress community       needs.       The        updated        DCM        is       located        at htt p:// nbt exas.og/ 280/Drainage-Manual-Ordinance-Forms-M aps. Key updates include the following:

  1. Specified requirements for preliminary and master drainage plan reports.
  2. Specified the elevation of the lowest floor elevation above finished grade and stormwater conveyance structures.
  3.  Require lot grading plan at plat and building permit
  4. Specified that changes in runoff characteristic that create point discharge(s) or any increase in discharge rates or velocities require outfall into right-of­ way or drainage easement that has capacity and verification of no adverse impact.
  5. Specified that engineered walls greater than three feet shall be designed to prevent freefall of stormwater.
  6. Specified pumped drainage facilities requirements.

3. Platting Ordinance Streets Design Standards. Amendments were approved by city council on September 11, 2017 to Chapter 118, Platting, Article IV, Design Standards, Section 118-46 Streets to implement current practice and address inconsistencies. Key updates include the following:

a. Section 118-46 (I) Landscaped islands and traffic calming

  1. Redefined "landscape islands" to "medians" and specified traffic function and sightdistance requirements.
  2. Removed traffic calming design information including figures, listed acceptable trafficcalming options and specified design to meet established standards.

b. Section 118-46 (s) Pavement and right-of-way width, street grades and horizontal curves forpublic streets

  1. Addressed inconsistencies between ordinance text, approved thoroughfare plan and engineering street sections.
  2. Removed street section figures and specified street information in the text.
  3. Specified minimum grade and updated minimum centerline radius requirements.
  4. Referenced AASHTO and TxDOT design requirements.

c. Section 118-46 (y) Traffic impact analysis

  1. Amended text to be consistent with Chapter 114.
  2. Removed TIA worksheet from the code to allow for staff updates as needed.

d. Section 118-46 (z) Street signs

  1. Specified that the developer is responsible for all street signs in the city and extraterritorial jurisdiction with approved construction plans.

4. Traffic Impact Analysis Worksheet. The Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Worksheet has been updated to allow for tracking multiphase developments and provide information and conformance with previously approved TIAs and mitigation measures. The updated TIA Worksheet is located at

htt p:/ / nbt 280/Drainage-M anua l-Ordinance -For ms-M aps.

5. Drainage Report and Public Infrastructure Construction Plans Requirements. Amendments were approved by city council on September 11, 2017 to Chapter 118, Platting, Article 111, General Platting Procedures to properly plan for development and address community concerns on development impacts. The amendments shall take effect for all master plans, plats and planned developments filedwith formal application after January 1, 2018. The formal application deadline for the February 6, 2018 Planning Commission meeting is December 27, 2017. After January 1, 2018, the following will berequired in conjunction with requirements in Chapter 118:

  1. Subdivision Master Plan . Master drainage plan report including drainage site plan, existingwatershed map, preliminary drainage site plan andmaster drainage plan summary. Report requirements are specified in the DCM.
  2. Preliminary Plat. Preliminary drainage report including preliminary drainage site plan and conformance with the master drainage plan report. Report requirements are specified in the DCM. If there are no drainage improvements or changes with the plat, the owner shall submit aletter with the application indicating as such.
  3.  Final Plat. An application for a final plat shall be accompanied by a letter of approval from the city engineer and/or the public works director approving the public infrastructure improvementconstruction plans showing details of streets, alleys, culverts, bridges, storm sewers, watermains, sanitary sewers and other engineering details of the proposed subdivision. Approval ofpublic infrastructure improvement plans is required prior to final plat application. If there are no public improvements or changes with the final plat, the owner shall submit a letter with theapplication indicating as such.
  4.  Planned Development. Master drainage plan report including drainage site plan, existing watershed map, preliminary drainage site plan and master drainage plan summary. Reportrequirements are specified in the DCM.
  5.  If a final plat application is submitted without approved public infrastructure improvement plans as required by ordinance, the applicant will be notified and given the option to submit as a preliminary plat.

6. Drainage and Erosion Control Manual Proposed Channel RevisionsCity staff will be presenting proposed revisions to channel requirements to planning commission on January 9, 2018 followed by approval by city council. The revisions include revising and clarifying channel freeboard requirements, adding fencing requirements for concrete channels with vertical walls greater than two feet, and clarifying channel access requirements. The proposed revisions will be posted prior to the meeting on the webpage below and presented at  the meeting.

7. Engineering Updates. City staff is working on other items to improve engineering standards, processand review. This includes information on water quality requirements and a new streets design guide. Future updates to these and other items will be provided at htt p:/ / nbtexas.o rg/ 2145/ Engineering-Updates. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or would like to verify city engineering requirements.

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