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Posted on: June 16, 2022

Scale of plats

Purpose:    To allow the scale of a plat to be smaller than 1”=100’ (e.g. 1”=200’) if the platremains legible.

Scope:        Section 118-21(c) of the Subdivision Platting Ordinance states:

Administrative procedures. In addition to the requirements outlined herein for each type ofapplication, the city may maintain separate policies and procedures for the submissionand processing of applications consistent with the provisions of this chapter including, butnot limited to, application forms, fee schedules, checklists, language blocks for plats, and other similar items. These policies and procedures may be amended from time to time, and it is the applicant's responsibility to be familiar with, and to comply with, these policiesand procedures.

Sections 118-24 and 118-29 state “The plat shall be drawn to a scale of no smaller than100 feet to one inch.”

Requiring a universal scale for all plats can result in unnecessary and costly administrative production work for engineers/applicants when multiple pages may have to be used to illustrate a plat in order to achieve the required scale. It is an outdatedrequirement that likely was more applicable when New Braunfels was growing moremoderately and was less populous or geographically large.

The Administrative Procedures Section 118-21 allows the city to maintain separatepolicies and procedures for those items as they relate to the effective and timelyprocessing of subdivision plat applications. As the requirements of Sections 118-24 and118-29 relate to the form and documentation of a plat and are not themselves development standards, it is the city’s interpretation that city staff has the flexibility to adjust the document presentation size to correlate to the size of the project resulting in a reduced number of pages in a plat while maintaining legibility of information related on a plat. 

Summary: The scale of a plat may be smaller than 1”=100’ when the resulting scaled drawingremains legible and the number of pages of the plat can be reduced.

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