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Posted on: June 16, 2022

Building Move Permits


This bulletin is to provide information on Building Move Permits for existing buildings,it is not applicable to manufactured homes as defined by the International ResidentialCode (IRC), or pre-manufactured buildings that are certified by the State of Texas,Industrialized Housing and Buildings Program. Moving permits for state certified buildingsmust be obtained through the state, links to access information on that process isprovided below. The permit requirements outlined here are applicable to the relocation of existing buildings either into or out of the city limits of New Braunfels. A permit is also required to move a building from one location within the city to another location within the city even if on the same property. This process is in accordance with City Code, Chapter 14, Section 14-5, which states that “…no building or structure shall be moved, removed, converted, or demolished without first obtaining any necessary permits therefore from thebuilding official and complying with all applicable requirements of the city.”

The City of New Braunfels Building Safety Division in collaboration with the NewBraunfels Police Department, New Braunfels Utilities (NBU), Guadalupe Valley ElectricCooperative(GVEC), and the City’s Historic Preservation Office have developed thisbulletin to better inform our customers with regard to the process and the applicablerequirements.


This document is applicable only in the municipal jurisdiction of the City of New Braunfelsand does not override or negate any state or federal regulations. Applicants shouldunderstand that for any building move that will cross or utilize TXDOT right-of-way for anyportion of the proposed route, a separate TXDOT permit is required. For information onstate permits applicants may utilize the following link or telephone number;

TXDOT Permit Coordinator (New Braunfels Area): (210) 615-5866

Process Steps

The following process steps outline how the Building Move Permit application will besubmitted, reviewed and issued by the City of New Braunfels.

  • For buildings to be placed within the city limits, the applicant must obtain at minimuma foundation permit before the move permit will be processed. Application for afoundation permit may be made on-line thru the link below.
  • Applicant submits the completed Building Move Permit Application (attached)with all required submittal documents either in paper format at the Building Permitdesk at City Hall or thru the online portal at the following link;

The owner and contractor certifications on the application must be signed anddated and the contractor of record must be registered with the Building SafetyDivision prior to issuance of the permit.

  • Upon verification by Building Safety Division staff that the submittal is complete, thesubmittal package will be routed to designated staff with applicable agencies fromthe Police Department, New Braunfels Utilities, Guadalupe Valley Electric Coop,and the City’s Historic Preservation Office for review. The review by applicableutility agencies will be based upon the proposed route for the move and theservice area for electrical connection. The applicant may receive requests foradditional information directly from staff with the reviewing agency concerning theapplication. Any revisions required or changes made to the submittal package shallbe included in the response back from the reviewing agency to the Building SafetyDivision with the signed and dated signature form within 10 business days. If thereviewing agency cannot approve the application the agency will notify the BuildingSafety Division of the reason(s) for denial within 10 business days.
  • When all applicable reviewing agencies have signed and dated the applicationand notified the Building Safety Division of approval, the assigned reviewer willapprove the Building review and assess the fees for the permit.
  • Upon payment of applicable fees, the permit is issued by the Building SafetyDivision and the applicant will receive an email with an attached PDF file of thepermit card for reference.
  • Applicant or contractor must ensure that any applicable permits from TXDOThave been obtained and that any coordination with local utility providers that is necessary is scheduled in advance of the move.
  • Applicant or contractor must notify the New Braunfels Police Department on the dayof the scheduled move at least one hour in advance by calling Dispatch at (830)221-4100


  1. Building Move Permit Application


This bulletin is informational in nature and is provided as a customer service initiative. The approval of the building move permit should not be construed as a final approval ofthe building location, use, or proposed occupancy. It is highly recommended that a fullbuilding permit for the proposed structure be obtained by the owner prior to submittal ofthe building move permit. For proposed building locations within the city limits, a full building permit submittal must be initiated by the owner within (30) days of the placement of the building. Only upon completion of all improvements required under the full building permit scope andapproved inspections of all work performed will the certificate of occupancy for the buildingbe issued. Failure to submit an application or failure to complete the requirements of the fullbuilding permit within a reasonable time may result in penalties against the propertyowner as prescribed by law. 

Prepared By:               Kevin Collins, PE, Building Official

Reviewed By:              Tim Brinkkoeter, Police Department

Caleb Gasparek, Historic Preservation Officer Justin Burkhardt, New BraunfelsUtilities Richard McKinney, GuadalupeValley Electric

Authorized By:            Christopher Looney, Director- Planning & Development Services

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