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Posted on: April 11, 2018

City's Development Services Counter to Close for Two Days

The City's Development Services Counter will be closed on Thursday, April 19th and Friday, April 20th. Staff in the Planning and Community Development Department, Public Works Department, Fire Department and others will spend the two days mapping

development review processes and identifying improvements.

“Staff in our development-related departments presently spend a majority of their time reviewing development submittals and project plans, with limited time to work on process improvement,” stated Christopher Looney, Planning and Community Development Director. “This is an opportunity to spend two days focused solely on improving our processes.”

The City’s Development Services Counter is located at City Hall where residents and developers apply for building permits. When permits are applied for, whether it is for a home addition, large-scale residential subdivision, commercial project, etc., architectural drawings and engineered plans are submitted to the City. City staff then review the plans against rules and regulations found in building and safety codes, fire codes, electric codes, zoning ordinances, platting ordinances, etc.

“Over the years, the development community has requested that the City have a consistent, dependable review process so they can better plan their operations,” said Public Works Director Greg Malatek. “These meetings, with City staff from all departments involved in the development process, will look for redundancies and ways to improve our process to meet those needs.”

“Processes need to be updated to keep pace with the rapid growth of our community,” Looney noted. “We will be reviewing plan routing sequences, staff responsibilities, technological enhancements, turn-around times, performance metrics, and contract services for third party review. Our goal is faster cycle times for quality plan submissions and we are looking forward to providing our customers these enhanced services.”

While the Development Services counter will be closed on April 19th and 20th, the rest of City Hall and all other city services will remain open. Messages for staff in the associated departments may be left at their email addresses or on their voicemail. For more details, or if you have any questions, email Mr. Looney at clooney@nbtexas.org, or Mr. Malatek at gmalatek@nbtexas.org.

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