Nov 09

From the City Manager: Focusing on Unity

Posted on November 9, 2020 at 7:02 PM by Tyler Hoffmann

Robert1.jpgOne thing about Presidential elections is that they highlight the differences in our country. That’s the nature of choosing one candidate over the other. It allows us to acknowledge that we may have strong opinions that differ from some of our neighbors, friends, colleagues and even family.

It also reminds us that we are one country and we’re all going through this together. No matter who you were rooting for, we all anxiously awaited the results and are now trying to interpret what they mean for our country and our community.

And as I think about what this means for our community, I think about our City team. We are One City, One Team and we have a strong need for continued unity in our organization. Team unity is vital to our success in serving our community and creating a positive work environment. Unity on a team comes when people care about their team’s goals and care about their teammates.

I know each department has specific goals and as you all recently went through the NB VOICE Performance Evaluation Program, you also established goals for yourselves. I encourage you to take your departmental goals and individual goals seriously and strive for greatness as you work towards completing those accomplishments.

I also encourage you to care about your teammates. Care about your City coworkers. Care about how they’re doing, care about if they’re struggling, care about if they need help, and care enough to celebrate their achievements with them. We all come from different backgrounds, different walks of life, and are going through different things. Whether you agree with your coworker on everything or nothing, it’s still important to care about them as a human being and as a vital part of our City team.

Unity is our path to success. We must work together, respect each other and support our teammates. Treat your teammates with compassion and appreciate what everyone brings to the table. We need to care about our goals and care about each other. Care about your team because we are One City, One Team.

Nov 09

Bring Those Buildings Down

Posted on November 9, 2020 at 4:12 PM by Jenna Vinson

Photos of demolition at the police department site and fire station #3

Usually when you think of Capital Programs you think of buildings going up, but that’s not always the case. Last week instead of raising buildings, they razed a couple. Demolition started at the site of the new Police Department facility and at Fire Station #3. Both sites are being cleared to make room for new, state-of-the-art facilities that were approved by voters as part of the 2019 Bond Program.  

Nov 09

Mega-Food Distribution Needs Volunteers

Posted on November 9, 2020 at 3:56 PM by Jenna Vinson

Pictures of volunteers are previous food distribution event

Our Westside Community Center is working again with Family Life Center/New Braunfels Foodbank to hold a Mega-Food Distribution event on Thursday, November 19th at the host site, Tree of Life Church. This will be very similar to April’s event. Thank you to everyone who volunteered for that very successful event!

You are welcome (and encouraged!) to volunteer for the event in November. Since almost everyone is back to work now, we ask that you get approval from your supervisor or Director so that workloads and schedules can be coordinated. Ultimately it is up to each Director to determine if department schedules and priorities will allow staff to be away for a portion of the day.

Once again, the Tree of Life Church will be the site for this distribution event on Thursday, November 19th. Volunteers are needed for both November 18 to help prepare, and the 19th for food distribution. Information and a link to sign up is as follows:

  • Wednesday, November 18th at Tree of Life 9:00am-1:00pm. This is to package the dried goods for the Thanksgiving boxes, no clients on site that day. Link to register:
  • Thursday, November 19th at Tree of Life 8:00am-12:00pm (actual distribution day). This will include packaging for normal distribution, plus the turkey distribution cold items. Link to register:

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Hernandez at or call 830-221-4630.