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Neighbors Watching Out for Neighbors


The Neighborhood Watch program is, quite simply, neighbors watching out for neighbors. The program fosters civic involvement, mutual commitment, community pride, a common goal, and a real sense of community. You do not have to be experiencing problems in your neighborhood to start a watch program. In fact, many programs are started to help reduce the chances of problems developing in the future. No one knows a neighborhood better than the citizens who live there. The Neighborhood Watch program forms a partnership with law enforcement to help keep our neighborhoods safe. If a Neighborhood Watch program is not currently available in your neighborhood contact Officer Lucas Crawford at (830) 221-4166 or 830-730-0286 or by email at to get started!

Crime Prevention

A Neighborhood Watch is an organization that helps residents in a particular neighborhood: 
  • Become the eyes and ears for law enforcement
  • Develop a positive rapport with law enforcement
  • Prevent or reduce crime in that neighborhood
At Crime Watch meetings, residents discuss and plan potential solutions to address the area's crime problems. Neighborhood Crime Watch is also a great way to meet and get to know your neighbors, which enhances everyone's safety in the neighborhood. 

Neighborhood Watch Groups: 
  • Teach techniques to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime;
  • Train you how to recognize and report suspicious activity;
  • Teach you how to make your home more secure;
  • Helps neighbors get to know each other so that unusual activity can be reported;
  • And brings citizens together to identify and address issues in the community.
Neighborhood Watch Groups are NOT:
  • Vigilante forces working outside the normal procedures of law enforcement.
  • Programs designed for participants to take personal risks to prevent crime.
  • A 100% guarantee that crime will not occur in your neighborhood.

Getting Started

Starting a Neighborhood Crime Watch in your neighborhood is easy!

Step One

Call New Braunfels Police Community Liaison Officer Lucas Crawford at (830) 221-4166 or 830-730-0286 or by email at
to let us know you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch program. 

Step Two 

Contact your neighbors to find out who is interested. When you talk to your neighbors, discuss crime problems in your area, explain the value of the program, and determine a good time to schedule the first meeting. 

Step Three

Plan a get-together with your neighbors along with a representative from the New Braunfels Police Department. Be sure to call the NBPD to secure a representative and get help planning the meeting.
Program Benefits
Help your neighbors understand that: 
  • A Neighborhood Crime Watch is a return to the days when neighbors took care of neighbors and communicated with the police.
  • The program helps reduce the risk of becoming a crime victim.
  • It helps a community become stronger and more unified.
  • There is greater access to criminal activity information.
  • Having a Neighborhood Watch sign posted lets criminals know that the neighborhood is not an easy target.
  • A Neighborhood Crime Watch also provides a forum for other programs and an opportunity to meet officials in the community.
  • It is a network of different neighborhoods working together.
Roles and responsibilities within a Neighborhood Watch group can and will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood depending on the availability of volunteers. Here are some examples you might consider. 

Neighborhood Coordinator 
  • Coordinates activities of block captains and block watchers
  • Recruits neighborhood residents into the Crime Watch program
  • Acts as a liaison with the Police or Sheriff's Office and the neighborhood
  • Distributes information
  • Plans and conducts crime watch meetings that are regularly scheduled
  • Develops communication systems and maintains a telephone tree

Block Captain 
Works with the neighborhood coordinator to: 
  • Host a Crime Watch meeting for the people on their block.
  • Recruit neighborhood residents into the Crime Watch Program by visiting each home, apartment, and/or business in their block, announcing the meeting and encouraging neighbors to participate.
  • Contact neighbors who have not responded to fliers or participated in the program.
  • Distribute crime prevention materials to those residents who were unable to attend meetings.
  • Serve as a base station for Operation Identification; neighbors pick up Operation Identification materials from their block captain in order to participate in the program - the higher the percentage of participation, the higher the effectiveness of this program.
  • Be a liaison between the residents and the neighborhood coordinator.
  • Assist neighborhood coordinator by communicating with law enforcement representatives.
  • Promote and distribute a copy of all scheduled Crime Watch meetings.  

Block Watcher 
  • Acts as eyes and ears for their neighbors and reports suspicious activities.
  • Studies crime prevention materials furnished to them.
  • Checks neighbors' homes when they are out of town.
  • Cooperates and assists the block captain.
  • Participates in Operation Identification.