Food Establishment Requirements

New Establishments

Below are documents you can view that will provide additional information on opening a food establishment in the City of New Braunfels. 
  • Plan Review Notes - This document provides information the Health Division requires before a restaurant is allowed to open in the City of New Braunfels.
  • Mobile / Vendor Food Establishment Checklist - This checklist provides a list of requirements necessary for the approval of a Mobile Food Vendor, or a 8 month Food Establishment Vendor.

Number of Employees


Type I - 1-3 


Type II - 4-6


Type III - 7-10


Type IV - 11-20


Type V - 21 and above


The above annual fees are for restaurants, catering facilities,
bakeries, groceries and mobile catering.

For additional questions please contact our office.

COVID Update:
Renewal applications that are submitted or postmarked on or after February 1 of 2021 will be considered late and shall be subject to an additional $65 fee before a permit will be issued.