Planning & Development Services


The Planning and Development Services Department helps to guide growth and development within the city and its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). The department consists of the following divisions:


The Building Division reviews permits and plans and conducts inspections to ensure that construction within the city limits meets the standards of the adopted codes.

Planning, Main Street and Historic Preservation

Planning Division staff implement the Zoning, Subdivision Platting, Sign, and other ordinances to ensure that development conforms to the adopted goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. Staff reviews permits and development plans and processes development requests through the adopted consideration processes.  Staff with the Main Street and Downtown Development program assist in recruiting and promoting downtown businesses, preserving historic properties, and encouraging streetscape improvements.

Environmental Health, Code Enforcement, and Animal Control

The Environmental Services Division inspects food establishments, day care center and commercial pools, and conducts monthly food handler classes. Code Enforcement responds to concerns about possible code violations, including tall grass and junk vehicles.  Staff's overarching goal in the Code Enforcement section is to assist property owners to come into compliance.  Animal Control works to ensure that animals are treated properly and that problem animals are handled as needed.