Floodplain Maps

The City of New Braunfels adopted floodplain maps which were effective January 5, 2006 and provided below. The city maps will be incorporated into the newly updated county maps for Guadalupe County, effective November 2, 2007, and will be incorporated into the Comal County maps once approved. The county maps will then become the current map within the city limits upon the effective date.

Scaled maps can be viewed at City Hall for identification of actual lots. Not all maps on the index are available. Provided below are .tif files. GIS files for adopted maps are available for Guadalupe County. Contact Planning at 830-221-4050 for information.

FEMA also has a program that allows you to view and select a flood map panel or area. The city's new maps may or may not be available through this system yet. Visit FEMA for more maps.

Comal and Guadalupe Counties

Comal County began their 90 day appeal period on September 13, 2007 and will end on December 13, 2007. At the end of the 90 day review period and after review of any submitted appeals, FEMA will send a final determination letter stating that base flood elevations are accepted. The maps will become effective within six months of end of appeal period, during which time ordinances are corrected and sent to FEMA for review.

Guadalupe County adopted their FEMA maps in September 2007, which will be effective November 2, 2007. Maps are available through the FEMA website, on this website below, and paper copies may be viewed at the City and Guadalupe County Department of Environmental Health.

Provided below are .tif files. GIS files for adopted maps will be available through the city's website or the appropriate county when complete.

Comal County 48091 (draft) Guadalupe County 48187 (final) ETJ
Since the new digital files are not yet available for Guadalupe County, draft floodplain maps for both counties may be found at the City's GIS site. The draft floodplain maps for Comal County may also be found on the County's GIS site. Contact the appropriate County engineer's office for information concerning floodplain permitting in the unincorporated areas: