Budget Process
The City of New Braunfels fiscal year begins October 1. In the spring, the City begins the annual budget preparation process and culminates with the adoption of a final budget by City Council in mid-September.

FY 2017-18 Adopted Budget 

FY 2016-17 Adopted Budget 

FY 2015-16 Adopted Budget

FY 2014-15 Adopted Budget 

FY 2013-14 Adopted Budget

FY 2012-13 Adopted Budget

FY 2011-12 Adopted Budget

Budget Infographics
Beginning in FY 2013-14, the City of New Braunfels has adopted the use of the web based budget transparency web site, Budget Infographics, in support of increased transparency for the citizens of New Braunfels.
Visit budgetinfographics.com to review the City of New Braunfels most recent budget(s).