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The park projects below were recommended by the Bond Advisory Committee to undergo preliminary design for consideration in a proposed 2023 bond election.  A public meeting was held on these projects on Wednesday August 3, 2022 at the New Braunfels Civic Center. The open house style public meeting allowed residents to review the current design options and ask questions of the project consultants. 

On October 17th,2022 the Bond Advisory Committee selected $183M in projects for recommendation to City Council. City Council will now review these projects to further reduce the list to the recommended $140M for the proposed bond election.  Projects listed as "Not Recommended" by the committee for bond funding may still be considered by Council for inclusion and will remain on the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for potential future development and funding through other sources.

  1. Mission Hill Park Phase 2
  2. Landa Park Circulation Improvements
  3. Guadalupe River Park
  4. Northwest Community Park Development
  5. Callens Castle Park
  6. HEB Soccer Field Renovation

Mission Hill Park Phase 2-recommended

Mission Hill Park 1

Project objectives:

  • Provide recreational space for residents west of Loop 337
  • Historical preservation and education

Project scope:

  • Observation towers and natural surface trails
  • Overflow parking and restrooms
  • Exterior deck and elevated boardwalk
  • Educational exhibits

Risks and constraints:

TCEQ, drainage, historic review

Estimated project costs:

$7.8M Total | $807K Design | $6.7M Construction | $264K Additional Costs

PER UPDATE: recommended funding including inflation and staff costs: $12.1M

Project and preliminary design considerations:

  • Provide additional recreation opportunities for residents. Currently, no public parks are located west of Loop 337.
  • Preservation of  native plants and protection of wildlife habitat
  • Provide historic and environmental education opportunities
  • Phase 1 currently in construction

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The projects listed below are under consideration by the Bond Advisory Committee for inclusion in a proposed 2023 bond. These projects have either previously completed a design study and cost estimate or were already underway through another funding source before the Bond Advisory Committee recommended to City Council. 

  1. Alligator Creek Linear Park and Trail
  2. Zipp Family Sports Park Phase 2
  3. Spring Fed Pool Improvements
  4. Comal River Improvements
  5. Dry Comal Creek Trail-Segment2
  6. Landa Park Parking Improvements

Alligator Creek Linear Park and Trail-Recommended

Project objectives

  • Provide recreation opportunities inAlligator Creek 1 the NW area
  • Connect existing greenbelts and trails
  • Improve water quality and stormwater functionality

Project scope

  • Phase 1: Existing 0.25-miles of trail (completed)
  • Phase 2: Permitting and construction
  • Phase 3: Design, permitting, and construction of all future phases and alternatives

Risks and constraints

Floodplain permits/studies, private property

Estimated project costs

$4.4M Total | $455K Design | $3.8M Construction | $149K Add

PER UPDATE:Funding need including inflation and staff costs: $3.5M

Project and preliminary design considerations

  • Stream/riparian improvements
  • Great Springs project coordination
  • Connection to Goodwin Lane and neighborhoods