The drainage projects below were recommended by the Bond Advisory Committee to undergo preliminary design for consideration in a proposed 2023 bond election.  Preliminary design will be complete in September for further consideration for a proposed 2023 bond election.

On October 17th,2022 the Bond Advisory Committee selected $183M in projects for recommendation to City Council. City Council will now review these projects to further reduce the list to the recommended $140M for the proposed bond election.  Projects listed as "Not Recommended" by the committee for bond funding may still be considered by Council for inclusion and will remain on the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for potential future development and funding through other sources.

  1. Faust St / Nacogdoches Ave Drainage Improvements

Faust Street/Nacogdoches Avenue Improvement-Recommended-Phase 2

Project objectivesMap view of ?Faust Street/Nacogdoches Avenue Improvement

  • Mitigate flooding in the Faust St and Nacogdoches Ave area
  • Reduce road closures at the Seguin Ave railroad underpass during heavy rains

Project scope

  • Improve drainage systems in Faust Street, Nacogdoches Avenue, and connecting streets
  • Improve drainage systems located in Comal Avenue
  • Improve outfall to the Guadalupe River and control riverbank erosion
  • Install curb, gutter, and inlets to improve conveyance of flows

Risks and constraints

Right of way, utilities, existing drainage system condition, railroad, TxDOT

Estimated project costs

$13.9M Total | $2.9M Design | $10.4M Construction | $613k ROW, Additional

PER updated cost including staffing cost and Inflation-$ 15.3M

Phase 1-Comanche Street Outfall -$7.7M-Future Phase

Phase 2 -Nacogdoches Ave Area-$7.7M-Recommended

Project and preliminary design considerations

  • Update hydrology and watershed
  • Coordinate with S Castell Ave Corridor Study (upstream watersheds)
  • Coordinate with UPRR and TxDOT

The drainage projects listed below are under consideration by the Bond Advisory Committee for inclusion in a proposed 2023 bond. These projects have either previously completed a design study and cost estimate or were already underway through another funding source before the Bond Advisory Committee recommended to City Council.

  1. Landa Lake Dam and Spillway Improvements
  2. Wood Rd / Landa St Regional Detention Study
  3. Blieders / German Creek Channel

Landa Lake Dam and Spillway Improvements-Recommended

Project objectivesMap view of Landa Lake Dam and Spillway Improvements location

  • Improve the structural integrity of the Landa Lake dam
  • Address spillway erosion
  • Meet TCEQ Dam Safety Program requirements

Project scope

  • Repair dam with a secant cutoff wall
  • Stabilize spillway

Risks and constraints

Work in Landa Lake, regulatory permitting

Projects costs

$3.1M Total | $376K Design | $2.6M Construction | $105K Additional Costs

PER updated cost including staffing costs and inflation-$1.2M

Project and preliminary design considerations

  • Coordinate with Landa Park Master Plan and Spring Fed Pool Improvements
  • Further evaluate design and construction options
  • Determine regulatory permitting requirements