Economic and Community Development


The projects listed below are under consideration by the Bond Advisory Committee for inclusion in a proposed 2023 Bond. These projects have either previously completed a design study and cost estimate or were already underway through another funding source before the Bond Advisory Committee recommended projects for preliminary design to City Council.

On October 17th,2022 the Bond Advisory Committee selected $183M in projects for recommendation to City Council. City Council will now review these projects to further reduce the list to the recommended $140M for the proposed bond election.  Projects listed as "Not Recommended" by the committee for bond funding may still be considered by Council for inclusion and will remain on the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for potential future development and funding through other sources.

  1. Downtown Parking Facilities
  2. S. Castell Avenue

Downtown Parking Facilities-not recommended

Project objectivesParking

  • Encourage park once district and centralize a parking facility
  • Additional public parking capacity in the downtown area

Project scope

  • Identify feasible locations and possible combinations of solutions
  • Preliminary Engineering to develop conceptual site plans indicating proposed footprint, setbacks, entry/exit points, location of proposed non-parking uses within the structure as well as any other required programmatic items
  • Conceptual Site plan including general overall site layout, vehicular entry/exit locations, etc.
  • Final phase would include any land acquisition, design and construction

Risks and constraints

  • Limited lot sizes 
  • Available properties
  • Cost per parking space varies greatly based on multiple factors (size of structure, ownership, configuration)

Estimated project costs

$22.8M Total | $1.5M Design | $16.6M Construction | $4.8M Land Acquisition and  Additional costs

Project and preliminary design considerations

  • Preservation of historic downtown aesthetics and building codes
  • Proximity to demand areas
  • Ongoing operations, maintenance and capital replacement funding
  1. Downtown Right-of-Way Enhancements

Downtown Right-of-Way Enhancements-not recommended

Project objectivesDowntown ROW - Final

  • Enhance pedestrian experience
  • Improve circulation and walkability
  • Improve safety and visibility

Project scope

  • Repair existing sidewalks
  • Add new pedestrian facilities
  • Add wayfinding signage, landscaping and lighting

Risks and constraints

Limited space for new sidewalks

Estimated project costs

$3.1M Total | $3M Construction | $105K Additional Costs

PER UPDATE: recommended funding including inflation and staff costs: $10.9m

Phase 1-City Streets -$4.2M

Phase 2-TxDOT Streets-$5.3M

Phase 3-UPRR Crossing-$1.4M

Project and preliminary design considerations

  • Placemaking
  • Preservation/enhancement of downtown aesthetics
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair

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