Public Safety

Public Safety Projects

The public safety projects below were recommended by the Bond Advisory Committee to undergo preliminary design for consideration in a proposed 2023 bond election. An open house was held at Fire Station No. 5 on August 4th.  

On August 8, 2022 City Council approved the issuance of a tax note to provide funding support for  recommended Public Safety projects

  1. Fire Station #5 Expansion

Fire Station #5 Expansion

Project objectivesMap view of location of Fire Station 5 Expansion

  • Improve functionality of existing fire station

Project scope

  • Securing and adding additional parking spaces.
  • Building expansion to relocate equipment from the apparatus bay, thereby protecting safety equipment and allowing the apparatus to drive through as the station was designed for.
  • Renovation of kitchen, men’s bathroom, and living areas

Risks and constraints

Fire Station must be operational for entirety of project

Estimated project costs

$1.6M Total | $261K Design | $1.3M Construction | $56K Additional Costs

Project and preliminary design considerations

  • Minimal site availability for storage and staging
  • Non-ideal site access

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The projects listed below are under consideration by the Bond Advisory Committee for inclusion in a proposed 2023 bond. These projects are purchases and do not require any design work but will be considered by the Bond Advisory Committee. 

  1. Public Safety Radio Replacement
  2. Ladder Truck Replacement

Public Safety Radio Replacement

Project objectives

  • Replace radios used by Police and Fire

Project scope

  • Full replacement of radio component to include base stations, hardware, portable radios, in-car radios, and accessories for both the police and fire departments.

Risks and constraints

The current radio equipment was purchased in 2013, typically radios have a 10-year end of life from the manufacturer. The manufacturer will no longer guarantee that service, parts or software can be supported after the end-of-life date. The City of New Braunfels has been sent the end-of-life notice by the current manufacturer (Motorola).

Estimated project costs

$5.5M Total