Roadway Impact Fees


The City of New Braunfels established the Roadway Impact Fee Ordinance in 2007. Impact Fees are authorized under Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code and are defined as a charge imposed against new development to pay for the off-site construction or expansion of infrastructure facilities that are necessitated by and benefit the new development.

Current Roadway Impact Fees

City Council adopted the current Roadway Impact Fee Ordinance on February 24, 2020. The ordinance includes updates to roadway impact fee assessment, calculation, collection and offset standards.

Assessment and collection of roadway impact fees are based on the date of final plat approval. For a development for which a plat is not required, assessment and collection are based on the issuance date of building permit.

Roadway Impact Fee Offset Policy

City Council adopted the Policies and Procedures for Obtaining and Applying for Offsets and Credits Against Roadway Impact Fees on August 13, 2018. The resolution, policies and procedures, and associated applications are provided below.

Proposed Changes

City Council adopted the current collected roadway impact fee schedule in February 2020 with an effective date of August 1, 2020. The current adopted collected fees are 50% of the maximum assessable fees for residential land uses and 25% for non-residential land uses. These fees were adopted as part of a planned two-year implementation to reach the recommended rate of 65% of the maximum assessable fee for residential land uses and 50% of maximum assessable fees for non-residential land uses. 

In February 2022, City Council directed staff to meet with the community to present upcoming proposed changes that would implement the second tier of this proposed increase. 

A community meeting will be held on June 23, 2022, in the Tejas Room at City Hall, 550 Landa Street from 3:00-5:00 P.M. A link to the presentation is provided below. 

Roadway Impact Fee Community Meeting

  1. Credits
  2. Applicability & Payment


Credit on Fees
A development may receive credit toward the required impact fees for land dedication for future road expansion, improvements or construction of roads within the Capital Improvement Project, improvement, or construction of other roads as determined by the City Engineer to add capacity to the system.

Developers must apply for credit in order to receive credit. Currently, applications may be provided in a letter format, providing applicable information such as land use, square footage, and number / type of development units..

Credit must be requested at time of platting and the developer must choose whether the property is to be appraised using the applicable county appraisal district value or to have it independently appraised at the applicant's expense. Section 100.14 of the Road Impact Fee Ordinance provides further information concerning credit.