Contact Us

If you need to place items on hold or book a study room, or if you have questions about your library account, programming, or services available at the library, call 830-221-4300.

  1. Gretchen Pruett

    Library Director
    Phone: 830-221-4322

  1. Jennifer Hernandez

    Westside Community Center Outreach Coordinator
    Phone: 830-221-4630

  1. Elizabeth Gaytan

    Technical Services Librarian
    Phone: 830-221-4304

  1. Jenny Rodriguez

    Youth Services Manager
    Phone: 830-221-4314

  1. Anne Wolfe

    Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
    Phone: 830-221-4306

  1. Miranda Robbins

    Digital & Technical Services Manager
    Phone: 830-221-4320

  1. Jonathan Margheim

    Outreach Librarian
    Phone: 830-221-4318

  1. Whitney Hasler

    Youth Services Librarian
    Phone: 830-221-4319

  1. Courtney Meissner

    Youth Services Librarian
    Phone: 830-221-4272

  1. Lacey Tobias

    Adult Services Librarian
    Phone: 830-221-4325

  1. Sara Phippen

    Customer Experience Manager
    Phone: 830-221-4317