Transportation and Capital Improvements


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The Transportation and Capital Improvements Department oversees multimodal transportation planning and traffic engineering, the planning, design, and construction management of city capital projects, and the planning, maintenance, and custodial services of city facilities.


The Transportation and Capital Improvements Department is responsible for:

  • Transportation planning
  • Traffic engineering
  • Thoroughfare plan
  • Pedestrian, bicycle, and transit planning
  • Capital project development and construction management
  • Capital Improvement Plan
  • Bond Program delivery
  • Real estate services
  • City facility preventative and service maintenance, and custodial services
  • City facility space planning and renovation
  1. Garry Ford, Jr., P.E. , PTOE

    Transportation & Capital Improvements Director
    Phone: (830) 221-4275

  2. Adam Michie, P.E.

    Capital Project Manager
    Phone: (830) 221-4079

  3. Josh Niles

    Capital Project Manager
    Phone: (830) 221-4638

  4. Nate Garza

    Capital Project Manager
    Phone: (830) 221-4082

  5. Charlie Blue, CTCM

    Assistant Capital Project Manager
    Phone: (830) 221-4644

  6. Brenadette Faust

    Project Specialist
    Phone: 830-221-4648

  7. Carol Aceituno

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 830-221-4276