Stormwater Connection Fee Process

City of New Braunfels Code of Ordinance Section 143-20 provides provisions for Stormwater Connection Fee and the eligibility of developments to apply for such. Stormwater Connection Fees are a mitigation option to eligible properties with access to stormwater systems with capacity for additional connection(s). The eligibility of each property and development is the responsibility of the owner/developer to research and illustrate. Approval of a SWC Eligibility application does not authorize or guarantee approval of Stormwater Connection Fee Application, required at time of permit.  A 3,000’ downstream model is required by code prior to approval of the fee at time of construction permitting. The development must demonstrate system capacity and be in the best interests of the City in order to be approved.

  1. Engineering Division

    Physical Address
    550 Landa Street
    New Braunfels, TX 78130

    Phone: (830) 221-4020

Step 1:
Applicant submits the completed and signed documents listed and defined below via the Permitting Portal.
1. Stormwater Connection Eligibility Form with the included Checklist for Stormwater Connection Eligibility
2. Stormwater Report detailing the project site, the system the applicant intends to connect to, and how the connection will be made.
Step 2:
Staff conducts a completeness review, fees are attributed to the SWC and are due via the Permitting Portal prior to staff review. Once payment is made notice to staff is required. 
Step 3:
Staff reviews and returns determination of eligibility to applicant.
If a Stormwater Connection Eligibility is approved, the SWC Approval shall be included in the LOC and/or Permit submittal.
At time of Permitting
Step 4:
At time of permitting, applicant submits the SWC Approval along with permitting documents (application, plans, outside approvals, etc.) including a Type 3 Drainage Report with 3,000’ downstream model adhering to requirements of City of New Braunfels Code of Ordinance Section 143-20 and the City’s Drainage and Erosion Control Design Manual via the Permitting Portal.
Step 5:
If capacity of the system is verified and the Stormwater Connection Fee is in the best interests of the City, Staff will approve and authorize the Stormwater Connection Fee and verify the fee for the project per City of New Braunfels Code of Ordinance Section 143-20.
Step 6:
Fees will be attributed to the permit and are due prior to permit issuance. 

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