Details & Standards

Development Requirements

Development requirements for subdivision and street construction are specified in Chapter 118: Platting Ordinance.

Rules and regulations governing construction, reconstruction, repair, maintenance or right-of-ways, addressing numbering, right-of-way access and management, excavation in the right-of-way, permits for excavation and performance of excavation are specified in

Chapter 114: Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places

Construction Plan Notes


Sign and Pavement Marking Requirements

Design Standards

Standard Number Description
ST-013 Curb and Gutter
ST-014.1 Driveway Apron (Residential - One or Two Family) (Plan View)
ST-014.2 Driveway Apron (Residential - One or Two Family) (Profile View)
ST-015.1 Driveway Apron (Commercial - Multifamily - Industrial) (Plan View)
ST-015.2 Driveway Apron (Commercial - Multifamily - Industrial) (Profile View)
ST-016 Sidewalk (Residential)
ST-017 Sidewalk (Commercial - Industrial)
ST-018 Sidewalk (Business)
ST-019 ADA Ramp
ST-020 Cross Gutter
ST-023 Riprap Headwall
ST-024 Alley
ST-025 Street Sign Details
ST-007 Street Standards (Residential Collector)
ST-011 Street Standards (Residential Local)
ST-012 Street Standards (One Family Residential Large Lot No Parking)
ST-100 Trench Repair Details