SANITATION – to preserve and deliver cleanliness

  • Caterers are asked to follow Best Practices from the FDA HERE.
  • The building will remain locked until one hour prior to each event
  • Monitoring air quality and ensuring we have frequent air turnover
  • Loading will only take place through the loading dock on Castell Avenue
  • There are increased sanitation stations throughout venue for attendees, vendors and staff
  • Deep cleaning has been performed in all areas including rooms, public spaces, kitchen and storage areas
  • For those events that have indicated no food or beverage will be served at their event, kitchens will be not be accessible
  • We will regularly clean high touch areas during the event such as door handles, water fountains, hand rails, restrooms, etc.
  • Staff and vendors will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the facility; clients and attendees are encouraged to do the same
  • Staff will participate in on-going training with a Staff Cleaning Guide based on cleaning and sanitization methods recommended by the CDC and WHO
  • Our staff will clean and sanitize public spaces, your room and equipment prior to each event using EPA-approved chemicals with an electrostatic sprayer designed to sanitize large areas

SAFETY – to minimize surface contact and provide distancing

  • Masks are encouraged or everyone entering the building.
  • Our in-house beverage service program has been suspended
  • Areas will continue to be made available for nursing mothers
  • Foot door openers and sink towel holders in restrooms have been added
  • Clear barriers will be in place between office staff and may be used in client meetings
  • We can help develop room layout options to assist in lower occupancies and social distancing
  • Clients are encouraged to provide disposable masks to attendees if they become ill during an event or do not have one.  We have a very limited supply available
  • Safety Protocols are in place for employees at venue entry along with Recommended Safety Protocols for clients communicated through the Event Planning Guide.
  • Caterers who frequently service events have been encouraged by email to follow best practices for safe food service delivery, including a reminder of their responsibilities

COMMUNICATION – to maximize reach and preparedness, while minimizing contact

  • Signage is in place throughout the venue to encourage distancing, hand cleanliness, and respiratory etiquette
  • Office will be closed, but client Planning Meeting can be done and in-person by appointment outside the office
  • Some brochures and client handouts have been made available online or by QR code to reduce touchpoints 
  • Ask us how our new Virtual Event or Livestreaming equipment may be available to improve your event reach and sponsor value
  • We are happy to work with existing clients to push payments closer to their event; payments must still be collected prior to the event, however
  • Our social media channels are supporting those who have cancelled or rescheduled events to promote their mission or future events
  • Events are encouraged to Postpone, Don’t Cancel through September 30, 2021 with no penalty 
  • Clients are encouraged to use Local Vendors to support New Braunfels getting Back to Business. A list of New Braunfels vendors will be available for download on our website
  • Event Planning Guide with COVID-19 Considerations includes details about how we’re meeting the State’s Employer and Event Organizers recommendations, a list of Recommended Safety Protocols for Clients, advice on Developing a Communication and Emergency Plan, as well as Optional Action Items to lower everyone’s health risk and Online Planning Resources.


  • Eliminate access to water fountains
  • Closing every other stall/sink to enforce social distancing
  • Floor indicators to show suggested distancing while waiting in lines
  • Foot traffic may be limited through assigned doors and aisles may be labeled one-way for large events to maintain guest separation
  • Remove soft/porous furnishings such as lobby furniture and avoid using drapery as these items are not easy to sanitize and encourage group gatherings

Best Practices continue to be developed in collaboration with government agencies, local stakeholders, other venues and vendors for a positive and safe experience.  Contact our office at (830) 221-4011 if you have specific questions about your event or if you are considering “Postpone, Don’t Cancel.”

We appreciate your business very much and what your event experience to be safe, successful and MEMORABLE!  #TogetherNB