Plat Waiver Requests

Where an undue hardship is created from the strict compliance of a certain provision within the Platting ordinance, a waiver may be requested. Plat waivers are requested through a separate application from the plat application package and may only be authorized by approval of the waiver from the Planning Commission (see note 5 below).

Plat applications that deviate from the City code requirements and do not have an associated waiver request or approved waiver will not be accepted in the technical completeness review. For further information, please review the Technical Completeness Check for plat applications.

  1. Planning

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    Phone: (830) 221-4050
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  1. Plat Waiver Process
  2. Application & Fees
  3. Submit

1. Submit the waiver request application with all required documents and fees. The waiver request can be submitted prior to the associated plat application submittal or on the same submittal day as the plat application. 

2. If complete, the waiver request will be assigned to a Case Manager for review. 

3. The waiver request details are compiled into a report and the request is added to the Planning Commission Agenda.

4. The waiver request is discussed and considered at the Planning Commission meeting and either approved or denied. It is highly recommended the applicant is in attendance to explain the request.

5. PLEASE NOTE if a sidewalk waiver is requested, the Planning Commission can deny a request, but only City Council can approve. Recommendations for approval or to escrow will proceed to City Council for final consideration. It is highly recommended the applicant is in attendance to explain the request.