Graphic saying "You can Vote. NBCharter.com" with images of a check mark and an xThe City of New Braunfels is considered a Home Rule City in the State of Texas after a citywide election led to the adoption of a Home Rule Charter in 1961. Similar to the U.S. Constitution, the Charter is the city’s main governing document and sets out the rules and regulations that the city, its elected officials, and its employees must follow. All changes to the Charter must be approved by voters during a citywide election, a process that last occurred in New Braunfels in 2005.

A citywide election is necessary in order to change the Charter, so cities often wait to ask residents to vote on Charter amendments when there are a number of revisions needed or wanted. 

The changes to the Charter that are being proposed in this election will bring the Charter up to date with current state law and will update the Charter to reflect current practices. These proposed changes will not have a fiscal impact on local revenues, costs, expenditures, or indebtedness.

CLICK HERE to see detailed information about all 18 of the proposed changes.

Additionally, printed versions of the current Charter and the proposed amendments are available at New Braunfels City Hall, the New Braunfels Public Library, the New Braunfels Police Department, the Westside Community Center, and Das Rec.