Contract Insurance Requirements

The City requires all contractors, certain vendors, and most consultants to supply proof of insurance before a contract is awarded. Typically, if you are providing services on City property, proof of insurance is required.  The following requirements apply to most contracts and other policies may be required depending on the scope of services:

Contractors providing goods, materials and services for the City of New Braunfels shall, during the term of the contract with the City or any renewal or extension thereof, provide and maintain the types and amounts of insurance set forth herein. All insurance and certificate(s) of insurance shall contain the following provisions:

1. Name the City of New Braunfels, its officers, agents, representatives, and employees as additional insureds as to all applicable coverage with the exception of workers compensation insurance.

2. Provide for at least thirty (30) days prior written notice to the City for cancellation, non-renewal, or material change or modification of any policies, evidenced by return receipt or United States Mail. The words “endeavor to” and “but failure” (to end of sentence) are to be eliminated from the Notice of Cancellation provision on standard ACORD certificates.

3. Provide for a waiver of subrogation against the City for injuries, including death, property damage, or any other loss to the extent the same is covered by the proceeds of insurance.

4. Endorsement applicable to each policy provided.

Insurance Company Qualification

All insurance companies providing the required insurance shall be authorized to transact business in Texas and rated at least “A” by A.M. Best’s Key Rating Guide, or other equivalent rating service(s).

Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance evidencing the required insurance shall be submitted with the contractor’s bid or response to proposal. If the contract is renewed or extended by the City, a certificate of insurance shall also be provided to the City prior to the date the contract is renewed or extended.

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