Ethics Guidelines

All vendors or persons doing business with the City of New Braunfels are required to follow the City’s Code of Ethics.

  • Keeping competition fair and open.
  • Maintaining consistent procurement policies and principles.
  • Observing strict truthfulness in all transactions and correspondence.
  • Respecting the confidence of sales personnel and their companies as to confidential or proprietary information, as well as being scrupulous about maintaining the highest level of business ethics when dealing with sources and City departments.

Authorized Contact Persons

The persons listed in each solicitation may be contacted for information regarding the Invitation for Proposals.  If the Proposer contacts any other City employee, including Council Members and members of Boards and Commissions, the Proposer may be found in violation regarding Anti-Lobbying and Procurement.

  1. Local Government Code- Chapter 176
  2. Certificate of Interested Parties (HB 1295)
  3. Anti-Lobbying Policy/Cone of Silence

Local Government Code- Chapter 176

The Texas legislature enacted House Bill 914 which added Chapter 176 to the Texas local Government Code, Chapter 176 mandates the public disclosure of certain information concerning pe4rsond doing business or seeking to do business with the City of New Braunfels, including affiliations and business and financial relations such persons may have with City of New Braunfels officers.  An explanation of the requirement of Chapter 176 , the applicable form and a complete text of the law are at the link below.

Disclosure of Relations Statement - Form CIS

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire – Form CIQ