Planning Commission

What is the Planning Commission?

The Planning Commission is a group of citizens appointed by the City Council that performs a supervisory role regarding development and land use matters and provides City Council with recommendations regarding planning and development related topics. The Commission acts as an advisory group to the City Council for proposed zone changes and special use permits or it can act as final decision-makers in matters relating to subdivision platting approval.


What is zoning?
Zoning is simply the separation of land uses in accordance with the goals of the comprehensive plan. It is the most common way American communities achieve compatible mixing of land uses. All of the land within the City limits is divided into zoning districts, allowing different mixes of land uses. Zoning also regulates elements of development such as: building height, parking, landscaping, and so on.
What is a special use permit?
A special use permit is a zoning overlay to allow a specific use on a property wherein the property’s base zoning district does not allow the use by right. A special use permit may be granted to allow compatible and orderly development which may be suitable only in certain locations and zoning districts if developed in a specific way. City Council may place reasonable conditions on a special use permit to safeguard and protect adjoining properties as necessary.
What is considered when reviewing a zone change?
In determining if a requested zoning change is appropriate, the Planning Commission and the City Council shall consider the following:
1. Whether the uses permitted by the proposed change will be appropriate in the immediate area concerned, and their 
    relationship to the general area and to the city as a whole;
2. Whether the proposed change is in accord with any existing or proposed plans for providing public schools, streets,
    water supply, sanitary sewers, and other utilities to the area;
3. How other areas designated for similar development will be, or are likely to be, affected if the proposed amendment is   
4. Any other factors that will substantially affect the public health, safety, morals, or general welfare; and
5. Whether the request is consistent with the comprehensive plan.

Unlike special use permits, conditions may not be applied to the approval of a base zoning change.

Planning Commission Resources

  1. Commission Calendars
  2. Agendas, Minutes, Videos
  3. Commission Members

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If you have additional questions or need further information regarding a specific zone change, SUP, or plat application, please contact the Planning Division at or call (830) 221-4050 or visit