Zoning / SUP Process

  1. November Meeting Notice

    Subdivision applicants for the November Planning Commission meeting are NOT to use existing forms and to check back or send the Planning Division an email requesting an email notifying them the new forms are posted. Read On...
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Process Steps
  1. Contact the Planning Department to set up a pre-application meeting.
  2. Submit complete application with all required information and attachments by deadline. Application due dates and dates for signage may be found in a calendar attached to the application.
  3. Place zoning signs on property. Signs are purchased through the Planning Department for $15 each.
  4. The Planning Department sends notices to landowners within 200 feet of property to be rezoned. Copies of responses are provided at the Planning Commission meeting.
  5. The Planning Commission holds a public hearing and votes on a recommendation to City Council.
  6. City Council holds a public hearing and considers a first and second reading of the rezoning ordinance. The zoning case ceases if denied by Council at any reading.
  7. Rezoning is adopted upon approval of the second reading.

The process takes approximately 8-12 weeks from submittal to Council approval.