Park Planning & Development

Butterfly Garden

The City of New Braunfels has over 700 acres of park land that consists of developed parks and undeveloped open space providing a wide variety of recreational opportunities to meet your leisure needs. The Park Development Manager is responsible for park and trail planning, project construction (in conjunction with the Capital Improvements Division), monitoring the Parkland Dedication Ordinance, and grant writing.

For more information about park and trail planning and current park projects contact the Park Development Manager, Ylda Capriccioso at (830) 221-4358 or

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  4. Parkland Dedication and Development Ordinance

Current Park Projects

Park projects are in one of two stages planning or construction. During the planning stages staff, consultants, and the public are engaged to determine the needs, ideas and feasibility of a project. Once funding has been secured for a project the project is in construction stage. Parks and Capital Program staff works closely to manage project bids, construction and delivery of a project.

Under Construction

All-Abilities Play Equipment (2019 Bond) 

Cemetery Wall Stabilization (2019 Bond) RECENTLY COMPLETED 

Market Plaza Phase 1 & 2 RECENTLY COMPLETED

Panther Canyon Erosion Control (2013 Bond) RECENTLY COMPLETED 

In Planning 

Sports Complex Phase 1 (2019 Bond)