Municipal Code

The following ordinances have recently been adopted by the New Braunfels City Council. These ordinances have not yet been published in the Code of Ordinances and will be removed from this page once they are published.

For a complete list of all ordinances adopted by City Council this year, please visit the City Council Legislation Search.

For current permit fees see Appendix D in Municode.

Chapter Description
Date Adopted
Chapter 144, Zoning
Building Material Requirements
January 27, 2020
Chapter 106, Signs
Amended Freestanding Sign Dimensional Standards
January 13, 2020
Chapter 118, Subdivision Platting
Platting Ordinance Amendments to Implement HB 3167
December 9, 2019
Chapter 144, Zoning
Parking and Storage of Certain Oversized Vehicles
November 11, 2019
Chapter 144, Zoning
Industrial Zoning Districts
October 28, 2019
Chapter 144, Zoning
Land Use Matrix Corrections
January 14, 2019
Code of Ordinances