Traffic Impact Analysis Process

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) studies are intended to determine the need for any improvements to the adjacent and nearby transportation system in order to maintain a satisfactory level of service, an acceptable level of safety and the appropriate access provisions for a proposed development. The review process ensures the following: an open discussion between the city and developer regarding traffic aspects of site development; fair assessment of impacts and need for improvements; and an awareness of other developments under construction, pending, or anticipated. TIA Worksheets and Reports should be prepared under the supervision of a qualified and experienced transportation professional who has specific training in traffic engineering and several years of experience related to preparing transportation studies. TIA Reports shall be signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer.

  1. Engineering Division

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    550 Landa Street
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    Phone: (830) 221-4020

Step 1:
Complete the TIA Determination Form
Step 2:
Submit the completed TIA Determination Form and Proposed Site Exhibit via the Permitting Portal.
If the determination is for a phase or unit of development with a previously approved TIA Report, submit the previously approved TIA Report at this time.
Proposed Development Site Exhibit is comprised of:
-Location map with subdivision (site) boundaries, adjacent streets, north arrow
-Existing and proposed subdivision (site) access
Step 3:
Staff reviews and determines TIA requirements, and returns determination to applicant.
Step 4:
If a TIA Worksheet is required, the TIA process is finalized. The TIA Worksheet will be completed by the applicant and shall be included in the LOC and/or Permit submittal.
If a TIA Report is required the applicant shall schedule a TIA scoping meeting with staff via or 830-221-4016.
Step 5:
Staff and the applicant meet to scope TIA Report requirements, and complete the TIA Scoping Meeting Worksheet.
Step 6:
The TIA Report will be completed by the applicant and shall be included in the LOC and/or Permit submittal.

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