Construction Plans & Information

Construction plans are the drawings and technical specifications, including bid documents and contract conditions, where applicable, providing a graphic and written description of the character and scope of the work to be performed in the construction of a phase of subdivision (final plat).

Floodplain Permit - Application & Details
If you are proposing a development of any kind (constructing a new building, adding on to an existing building, clearing land, placing fill, grading land, mining, dredging, drilling, etc...) in a floodplain, you MUST submit this application for a Floodplain Development Permit to the Building Division.

Depending upon the type of development you are proposing, additional forms may be required. For example, all new buildings in a Special Flood Hazard Area require an Elevation Certificate to document that the lowest floor of the building is elevated to a certain height relative to the anticipated flood crest of the “base flood” event. The Elevation Certificate and other forms are provided online and at the Building Division, but should only be completed if they are required for the proposed development.

Public Infrastructure Permits - Application & Checklist - Plan Set & Report Requirements

Public infrastructure permits are required for the construction of public improvements necessary when platting property, upgrading facilities or for a proposed development without adequate public infrastructure.
Improvements include the construction of public and private streets, alleys, sidewalks, and drainage, water and wastewater systems.
Inspections are led by Engineering Construction Inspectors.  Preconstruction meetings are required prior to construction commencing. Construction improvements require City Engineer approval/acceptance for completion in pursuit of City Ordinance Section 118.

Once the above items are complete you can submit online - here.

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