Animal Services Advisory Board

The Animal Services Advisory Board was established to, among other things, advise and make recommendations to the city council pertaining to animals and animal control ordinance. The board shall further advise the city council, through the city manager, on any aspect of animal care services which in the board's opinion merits the attention of the city.

  • The board shall act in an advisory capacity to the city staff and the city council in any matter pertaining to compliance with V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 823.001 et seq.
  • The board shall operate under bylaws approved by the city council. The set of bylaws shall govern rules of procedure, board operations, conduct and other such activities in compliance with Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised edition.
  • The board shall elect such officers as the members deem necessary to conduct their business affairs. 
  • The board shall not have the power to obligate the city for funds and / or expenditures or incur any debt on behalf of the city.
  • All powers and duties prescribed and delegated herein are delegated to the board, as a unit, and all action hereunder shall be of the board acting as a whole. No action of an individual board member is authorized, except through the approval of the board or city council. The board shall have any other power and / or duty as prescribed and authorized by the city council.
  • The board's authority shall not extend to the direction, supervision, employment or termination of the city employees. No supervisory power of the board is created.
  1. Bryan V. Ruiz, R.S.

    Neighborhood Services Manager