Trap Neuter Program

Feral cat colonies are permitted and feral cat colony caretakers may maintain and care for feral cats by providing food, water, shelter and other forms of sustenance, provided that the feral cat colonies are registered with a city approved partnered sponsor, as described below, and that the feral cat colony caretaker takes all appropriate and available steps to meet the terms and conditions required.

An approved sponsor is any animal welfare group that agrees to comply with the requirements. Any animal welfare group intending to undertake the responsibilities of sponsor shall so advise the city in writing and provide its address and telephone number, and electronic mail address if applicable.

Sponsor requirements, it shall be the duty of the sponsor to:

  • Review and, in its discretion, approve of feral cat colony caretakers.
  • Help to resolve any complaints over the conduct of a feral cat colony caretaker or of cats within a colony.
  • Maintain records provided by feral cat colony caretakers on the size and location of the colonies as well as the vaccination, and spay and neuter records of cats in the sponsor's colonies.
  • Provide, at a minimum, written educational training for all caretakers addressing uniform standards and procedures for colony maintenance.
  • Report annually to the city on the following:
    • Number and location of colonies for which it acts as a sponsor in the city;
    • Total number of cats in each of it colonies;
    • Number of cats from its colonies vaccinated, and spayed and neutered pursuant to the TNR program and number of cats and kittens from its colonies placed in permanent homes.
  • Provide any forms or other documentation necessary to allow feral cat colony caretakers to receive any public or private subsidies, medical care or other forms of assistance for their feral cat colonies which may be available to them;
  • Provide to the city the location, by address, of feral cat colonies where feral cat colony caretakers have regularly failed to comply with this section or where the sponsor has been unable to resolve a nuisance behavior situation.