Resident FAQ's

What is my insurance rating?
Our ratings for the city limits and ESD 7 are as follows: Either ISO 1, ISO 8B, or ISO 10.
If your home is greater than 5 miles from a New Braunfels fire station, then you are an ISO 10. Doesn’t matter if you are in the city limits or not.
If your home is within 5 miles of a New Braunfels fire station but greater than 1000 feet from a hydrant then you are an ISO 8B.
If your home is within 5 miles of a New Braunfels fire station and less than 1000 feet from a hydrant then you are an ISO 1.
It is the responsibility of your insurance agency to find out the specific rating from ISO. (800) 444-4554 Option #2
Do I need a permit?  
Permits are required for tents(over 400 sqft), open burning inside City Limits, flammable liquid tanks and work on any type of fire protection and life safety system including underground fire lines.  
Can I get a copy of a fire report?
To obtain a copy of a fire report you must do an open records request through the City Secretary. 830-221-4010
I want to build a fire pit, what is required?
You can find the requirements for a fire pit here.
Are fireworks allowed in New Braunfels?
No, Fireworks are not allowed inside the City limits.  
Does NBFD inspect/certify fire extinguishers?
No, there are multiple fire extinguisher companies that will provide this service in New Braunfels.  
Why do some firefighters carry guns?
Some members of the NBFD are also commissioned Peace Officers. Arson investigations are handled by these members.   
What are the hours of the Fire Museum? 
The fire museum does not have set hours. Larger groups can schedule a tour in advance by calling 830-221-4200. Small impromptu groups can stop by Fire Station 1 next door and request a tour if personnel are available.  
Can the fire department fill my pool?
No. Water must be metered by the water department and our fire trucks need to be ready to respond to emergencies. 
Can I park near a fire hydrant in my yard? 
Texas law does not allow parking within 15’ of a fire hydrant.  
Does NBFD install/inspect child safety seats?
We do not provide this service.  
Can I burn inside the City Limits?  
Open burning is not allowed inside the City Limits. Under certain circumstances, a burn permit will be issued if all aspects of the 2018 IFC section 307 and TCEQ requirements are met.