Developer FAQ's

What Fire Code addition does the City of New Braunfels use?
International Fire Code (IFC) 2018 edition with a few local amendments
How do I submit plans to the Fire Department?
Go the City’s online permitting portal and complete the appropriate application form. Include all licenses, cut sheets, and required plans and documents. All payments should be made online through the permitting portal. The plan review will not start until payment is received. For details on the requirements for each permit go to the requirements page
Why do I need a separate underground fire line permit if I have a CP?
Fire line permits are separate from the construction permits and must have a permit through the Fire Department. You must be registered with the State of Texas as an RME-G, or a Texas Professional Engineer (PE) who is qualified to design fire lines. 
How do I request an inspection?
You can request a Fire Safety inspection by submitting an online inspection request through the City’s online permitting portal. Fill out our online Inspection request form. Please allow at least two business days for your inspection to be scheduled. 
How do I schedule a meeting?
Call the building department at (830) 221-4060 and they will schedule a Pre-Development meeting.
Do I need to call the FD after requesting a final inspection with the Building department
Request the inspection through our website.
I am clearing a large lot for development, can I get a burn permit? 
What is the hydrant spacing requirement for a new residential development?
Neighborhoods require that a hydrant be within 400 feet from all portions of a dwelling unit. Typically, NBFD suggests that hydrants be located at all intersections and we will allow some variation from the 400 feet requirement. Hydrants should not be at the end of a cul-de-sac.  
Do I need a Knox Box for my business?
Yes, if your business has a fire alarm system. Learn more about Knox Box
What are your permit fees?
Fee Ordinance