Sign Ordinance 
The size, spacing, and number of on-premise freestanding signs are regulated by ordinance. A summary these regulations, based on zoning or location, is contained in this chart. No new off-premise signs are allowed in the city limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Sign Permits

All new signs require a permit. A permit is not required to change the face or wording on existing signs. Although not regulated by the sign ordinance, attached signage does require a building permit.

New Signs

The standard building permit application is used for sign permits, and must include a complete site plan showing the proposed location of the sign. Applications are available in the Building Division office or online. Permit fees are based on square footage or dollar value, and contractors installing signs must be licensed with the City of New Braunfels. 

Temporary Street Banner
 Temporary Street Banners are for local events and local non-profits. Regulations and requirements are attached to the application.
NOTICE: The San Antonio Street bridge over the Comal River is closed beginning September 3, 2019. For project updates please click here


Temporary signs, limited to banners, require a Temporary Sign Permit. Banners must be attached to a building, and may not be attached by any means to the ground.

Conditional Sign Permits

Notwithstanding anything in the Sign Ordinance to the contrary, the erection of a sign may be approved by City Council under a conditional sign permit. The purpose is to allow for a specialized review of signs which may not be appropriate generally without certain restrictions, but which, if controlled as to the number, size, height, color, location, lighting, or relation to adjacent properties, would promote the health, safety, and welfare of the community.
Conditional Sign Permit Application