1845 to 1929

Historic NB map

1845: The Beginning

New Braunfels was founded and settled in 1845 by Prince Carl of Solms from Germany.  At the time of the city’s founding, John O. Meusebach (below) was appointed as the city’s first Beschutzen (German for “protector”).  In the next few years, the city then transitioned to a City Marshal system where it appears the first elected City Marshal was H.A. Wagenfuehr (no known picture available).
John Meusebach

1863: Everyone is a Police Officer

old group shot at saloon - sophienburg
“Nov. 2nd, 1863: The city council established a night-patrol ordinance. All males of age 18-60 who were not eligible for Army service were required to perform ‘such duties in relation to patrolling the city and maintaining the quiet and good order thereof under provisions of the articles relating thereto’” “...Each member of a patrol, while on duty, had full police powers to arrest all persons who commit breaches of the peace or disturb the quiet and good order of the city.”

Oscar Haas,  History of New Braunfels and Comal County, Texas, 1844–1946 (Austin: Steck, 1968) (pg. 193)

1922: Newton Boys Bank Robbery

In March of 1922, the Newton Boys (a notorious bank robbing gang) pulled off a daring daytime robbery in downtown New Braunfels at the New Braunfels State Bank.  After showing a teller a gun and demanding all the money, they marched the bank employees into the vault.  An alarm was eventually set off and the Newton Boys fled and got away with the cash.

(PHOTO: True West Magazine)
Newton Boys - True West Magazine