CNT: Crisis Negotiations Team

CNT Unit banner


  • To consider the lives of the hostages, civilians, and officers involved in a crisis situation to be of the utmost importance.
  • Whenever possible, to enhance the prospects of peacefully resolving the incident through communication
  • Whenever possible, to develop and maintain the ability to use alternative approaches to resolve the incident should communications fail. 
  • In hostage situations, to make every reasonable effort to effect the safe release of the hostages

The NBPD Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) was established in 2007 by current Team Leader Sgt. Victor Rocha.  

The NBPD CNT consists of 11 members, including:

  • 8 police officers
  • 1 dispatcher
  • 1 records clerk
  • 1 licensed professional counselor

Each member is required to complete a 40 hour TCOLE Basic Negotiator Certification Course