Engineering Permits

Permit Types and Descriptions

 Public Infrastructure Permits

Public infrastructure permits are required for construction of public improvements necessary when platting property, upgrading facilities or for a proposed development without adequate public infrastructure. 
Improvements include the construction of public and private streets, alleys, sidewalks, and drainage, water and wastewater systems.
Inspections are led by Engineering Construction Inspectors.  Preconstruction meetings are required prior to construction commencing. Construction improvements require City Engineer approval/acceptance for completion in pursuit of City Ordinance Section 118.

Site Preparation Permits

Site preparation permits are required for Construction in preparation for future development, large acreage mass grading, excavations and max fill.

Site Preparation can include erosion control, grading, tree removal, drainage systems, detention and retention facilities, and landscaping. Site preparation does not allow for flatwork (paving, sidewalks, slabs, etc.). The City of New Braunfels does not allow for conditional or temporary permits in any regard. Site preparation permits are required to meet the drainage requirements of code and require stand alone, complete plan sets and construction submittals along with drainage reports including mitigation design specific for the intended construction.

Inspections led by Engineering Construction Inspectors. 

 Permit Applications and Checklists
     Public Infrastructure Permit Application/Checklist
     Site Preparation Permit Application/Checklist
Engineering will have a staff member available for permit reception:

Monday – Friday

                8:30am – 11:30am

 or availability outside of these hours, please coordinate with below contact to schedule a meeting. 

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