Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Stormwater Management Program

Stormwater Management in New Braunfels
In order to manage stormwater pollution and comply with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) MS4 permit requirements, the City of New Braunfels has developed a Storm Water Management Program (SWMP). The SWMP outlines programs and Best Management Practices (BMPs) the City will implement in order to minimize pollution associated with stormwater runoff. The City's Stormwater Management Program plan can be viewed via the link below:
 City of New Braunfels Stormwater Management Program (pdf)
The City is currently implementing the following programs to minimize pollutants from reaching our waterways:

  1. Public Education & Outreach
  2. Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
  3. Construction Site Stormwater Management
  4. Stormwater Management in Areas of New Development
  5. Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping at Municipal Facilities

The City of New Braunfels implements a public education program to inform the community about the impact of stormwater discharges on water quality, hazards related to illegal discharges & dumping, improper disposal of waste, & steps that the public can take to reduce pollutants in stormwater. The City will hold events to involve the community in stormwater planning and education efforts.

More information can be found on the EPA website: Public Education, Public Involvement

Annual Reports

The City is required to submit a report to the TCEQ at the end of each fiscal year. These reports describe the activities related to the MS4 program the City has accomplished within that year. Below are the reports for the past several years that the City has had the MS4 permit.

  1. FY 2014-2015
  2. FY 2015-2016
  3. FY 2016-2017
  4. FY 2017-2018
  5. FY 2018-2019
  6. FY 2019-2020
  7. FY 2020-2021