Chicken Ordinance

The City of New Braunfels has ordinance that allows a person who wishes to keep or house chickens on his or her property, where that property encompasses an area of less than 40,000 square feet, can as long as they follow specific requirements and register this activity with our office.


The ordinance can be found at the following link.


The main requirements of the ordinance are:

  • Keep no more than four chicken hens per lot.
  • No person shall keep any rooster.
  • The chicken hens shall be provided with and housed inside of a covered structured enclosure at all times, which is located within the rear yard inside of a fenced perimeter enclosure.
  • No covered enclosure shall be located closer than ten feet to any property line of an adjacent property.
  • The covered enclosure shall not be located closer than 30 feet to any residential structure on an adjacent property.
  • Covered enclosure and surrounding area must be kept clean at all times.

To register your chickens or rabbits please use the following registration form to provide the information. After you submit the information using the registration form you will be registered.