Landa Park River Front Rehabilitation Project

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Project Updates

• As of December, 3,850 linear feet of 5,280 linear feet of stone retaining walls have been set.
• Both the wading pool pedestrian bridges have been set.
• Custom “Cedar” handrails have been installed.
• Gazebo restoration complete and new foundation poured.
• Armoring of the Landa Lake dam completed.
• Old Comal River Chanel spillway construction complete.

The contractor is continuing with installation of retaining walls, capstone, riparian landscape and sidewalk improvements throughout the project areas. The project is slated late for completion in late spring 2015.

The contractor is currently mobilized on the mill race run from the Landa Park Drive vehicular bridge (near the train station) towards pavilion sixteen. We ask park patrons to be aware that there will be noise and construction activities in this area. Sheet piling installation, as well as replacement of the riverfront walls, will be performed in limited sections in order to minimize adverse impact upon park patrons and the environmentally protected waterways of Landa Park.

About the Project

Landa Park River Front Rehabilitation Project is made up of several components including the replacement
of 5,280 linear feet of stone retaining walls along the Comal River in Landa Park.

Overtime, periodic flooding beyond the existing channel bank walls has caused moderate to severe soil erosion resulting in damaged and failed channel bank walls.

Custom Handrails:

The new handrails, made by a local artist, are reminiscent of the cedar railings that were common in Landa Park in the early 1900’s. The handrails were paid for by the New Braunfels Parks Foundation using a generous donation they received from NewQuest Properties during the high water cleanup in 2010. The new rails are structurally significant and able to withstand high water.

Landa Lake Gazebo2.jpg

Landa Lake Gazebo:

The original Landa Lake Gazebo was built in the early 1900’s as a part of Harry Landa’s private park. Over the years, the gazebo has had minor repairs but was in need of a significant refurbishment to reclaim the beauty of the structure. Texas Heritage Construction was selected to complete the restoration and the project is funded by the New Braunfels Parks Foundation.

Cost Estimate
Design $326,000; Construction Walls $4.5 million, Dam $847,000, Bridge $190,000
Funding Source
Design 2007 Certificate of Obligation; Construction 2012 Certificate of Obligation
Current Status-Progress
3,850 linear feet of retaining wall has been placed.

Project Contractor
Austin Filter Systems, Inc.
Contract Amount
$5,102,500 ($15,000 from the Parks Foundation)
Estimated Completion
mid-spring 2015

Other significant features of the project include:

  • Armoring of the Landa Lake dam (Completed)
  • Construction of a spillway that will flow into the old Comal
    River Channel (Completed)
  • Replacement of the wading pool pedestrian bridge (Completed)
  • Riparian landscape improvements (In-progress)
  • Repairs to the Landa Park gazebo (Completed)