2019 New Braunfels Citizen Survey Results

In the spirit of citizen collaboration and engagement, the City of New Braunfels conducted the 2019 National Citizen Survey from January 18th - March 1st, with facilitation by the National Research Center, Inc. 

Designed to measure service performance, assess community needs, and assist in long-range strategic planning the survey also included questions about the quality of life issues and resident’s usage of services. The survey was administered by mail, from the National Research Center, beginning with a pre-notification postcard sent to randomly selected households announcing that a survey will follow. The sampling size of 3,000 residents also received a second survey mailing, to remind them to participate. Participants also had the option to complete the survey online. A Spanish language version of the survey was also available. All responses remain anonymous and were reported in group form only, with the controlled, scientific survey and the general public online survey reported on separately. 

The City uses the resulting data for planning, resource allocation, performance measurement, program, and policy evaluation, enhanced civic engagement practices and improvement of city services. An overview of the results is provided below - download the presentation