Swim Lessons

Group and Private Swim Lessons are available during the summer at the Landa Park Aquatic Complex (LPAC) and year round at Das Rec, New Braunfels Recreation Center! Check out what we have to offer in our Fun Things In Life Program Guide.

Group Swim Lessons

Don’t be afraid of the water or left behind when your friends jump in the deep end of the pool! Come learn the skills you need to stay safe and enjoy your time in the water. Our swim lessons use the nation’s most utilized curriculum, the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program, to help students overcome their fear of the water and learn the skills they need for lifelong enjoyment of the water.

Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are offered with a 1:1 ratio for students. This is ideal for anyone who wants a more customized experience for children, teens and adults. Please call the facility for more information.


Swim Lessons at LPAC - Important Facts to Know:

  • Format: All group lessons run for 2 week sessions from Tuesday-Friday (a total of 8 sessions) with 6 of 8 lessons guaranteed. See table below for times and availability of lessons for each session.
  • Bad Weather: In the event of a bad weather cancellation, we will do our best to call you ahead of time to inform you of any cancellation. You may also call the pool at 830-221-4360 to ask about any cancellations. The 2nd Monday of a session is reserved as a make-up day for bad weather cancellations. We only guarantee 6 lessons.
  • Parent Orientation: Parent's are encouraged to come to an optional orientation the Monday before the start of a new session from 6-7pm at the Aquatic Complex. This meeting is for parents to learn more about the program, have their questions answered, and get to speak with an instructor.
  • Cost: $45 per student per session
  • Refunds & Cancellations: See our registration form for this information (2nd page).
  • Skill/Level Placement: Please review the American Red Cross Learn to Swim fact sheet for each level below to help place your child in the correct level. The following age requirements are required by the American Red Cross no exceptions.

Group Lesson Information
Lesson Length Ratio* Age Range Skills**
Parent / Child *** 45 mins 1:10 6 - 48 months American Red Cross
Learn to Swim
Parent/Child Skills List

Preschool Skills List
Levels 1-5 Skills List
Pre-School 45 mins 1:6 4 - 5 years
Level 1 45 mins 1:6 6 - 12 years
Level 2 45 mins 1:6 6 - 12 years
Level 3 45 mins 1:8 6 - 12 years
Level 4 & 5 45 mins 1:10 6 - 12 years

*Instructor to student ratio.
** These lists represent a general idea of what is taught – lessons are customized to the needs of the students.
*** A parent must accompany their child in the water for this lesson.


Dolphins Logo

Landa Park Dolphins Swim Team
The Landa Park Dolphins swim team is entering its 54th year at the LPAC. The Landa Park Dolphins are a competitive summer swim team for all ages. For more information about the team and tryouts, please visit their website www.landaparkdolphins.org